for what i’ve got and for what I’ve got not I’ll be glad to give you the keys
cause what you’re giving me is not what I want and neither is it what I need

while you’re about to lose I’m about to win I’m so glad I finally see
quit stealing my wind and I’  ll unfold my wings right now I need to be…


you’re going back to black while I am turning gold everyone will see my light
let’s give it a rest step off of my chest cause I I need to I need to


bye bye my honey bee
bye bye I need to be be free
bye bye baby I need to breathe

bye bye love this is it
there ain’t no need to be workin on this shit
you’ll see me resting on the bed we bought just yesterday
but today’s another day and I don’t see no other way
so just let go for now
or rather let go forever
so that I can be that I can be