widen my world
I d like to walk in your shoes for just one day
to see if they take me south
I’d like you to cook your favorite dish for me
use all the spices you want that’s fine we’ll challenge my mouth
grab my waste and gently push me outside
my fingers follow yours while that dance in the moonlight
widen my world
widen my world
draw me a stone or your grandma if you prefer
as long as the sheet is white and your heart is pure
take me out to my bar where pirates board this full moon party
I’ll feel safe as long as the drinks are cold
use my ears whisper wisdom for my heirs
your words will be heard
widen my world
widen my world
captains have taken my wrongs and turned them into rights
your love made me adopt a righteous course
be my friend and let me in
share this piece of land and feel peace
widen my world
widen my world